Ph.D. in French Curriculum


Completion of M.A. degree at K.U. or a comparable institution. Applicants holding the M.A. in a discipline other than French may be required to take a qualifying examination.


The following requirements are in addition to those of the Office of Graduate Studies:

  • Thirty credit hours beyond the M.A (excluding dissertation hours)
  • The following courses (if not already taken at the M.A. level):
    • FREN 610 - Theme et Version
    • FREN 700 - Old French
    • FREN 720 - Introduction to Graduate Studies in French
    • OR
    • FREN 520 -  Expository French Writing
    • FREN 704 -  Methods in Foreign Language Instruction
    • FREN 810 - Criticism and Critical Methods
  • Candidates for the Ph.D. must demonstrate proficiency in a second language, which can be a second Romance language, Latin, Greek, German, Arabic, or another language pertinent to the student’s career path and approved by the faculty. (Students specializing in medieval or Renaissance literature are strongly encouraged to take Latin.) Proficiency may be demonstrated by completion of the fourth-semester course (or equivalent) or by examination.
  • A comprehensive written and oral examination in French. Please consult the Ph.D. Reading List. (See the Graduate Student Handbook for more details).
  • Completion and defense of a satisfactory dissertation