Italian Undergraduate Curriculum

For more details on the Option in Italian (and other FFIT degrees) requirements, including a 4-year study plan, please consult the KU course catalog

Italian Major Prerequisite

Majors must complete courses to gain fourth semester language proficiency (completion of ITAL 240, or equivalent placement). These hours do not contribute to the minimum number of hours required for the major.

Required Courses

  • Italian Core Knowledge and Skills

    • Composition and Conversation. Satisfied by:

    • Advanced Composition and Conversation. Satisfied by:
      • ITAL 315 - Advanced Composition and Conversation
  • Italian Literature. Satisfied by one course (3 hours) chosen from the following:
    • ITAL 301 - Introduction to Italian Literature and Textual Analysis
    • ITAL 495 - Directed Readings in Italian 1
    • ITAL 695 - Graduate Directed Readings in Italian 1
  • Required Electives - Satisfied by five courses (15 hours) chosen from the following:

 One approved 3-credit course offered by another department or program and with significant content related to Italian culture (300-500 level) may be counted toward the Italian BA Option.