MA in French Curriculum


Applicants should have the equivalent of a major in French at the B.A. level, with a minimum of nine hours of advanced undergraduate course work in French literature. Applicants are evaluated for both preparation and promise, as evidenced by grades, recommendations, proficiency in French, study abroad, etc. A 3.0 (B) average in previous academic work (both overall and in French) is required for admission in regular status, although a typical applicant to our program will have a much higher GPA. International students applying to the program must have completed a minimum of the licence plus one year of study, or a four-year licence course (that is a course designed to be of four year's duration, not a three-year course that a student has taken four years to complete).


The following requirements are in addition to those of the Office of Graduate Studies:

  • Thirty credit hours of graduate credit, including the following:
    • FREN 720 - Introduction to Graduate Study in French
    • FREN 610 - Thème et Version
      • OR FREN 620 - Expository French Writing (Native speakers of French, unless released from this requirement by the Director of Graduate Studies, must take FREN 610)
    • FREN 704 - Methods in French Language Instruction
    • Either 6 hours of thesis (French 899) or two 3-hour seminars (French 900)
    • As part of the 30-hour requirement, students may also take a maximum of two graduate-level courses (up to 6 hours) outside the department. (e.g. Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Linguistics, Art History, etc.) This selection should be determined in consultation with the Director of Graduate Studies.
    • FREN 795 - Investigation and Conference (maximum of 3 hours)
  • Thesis Option
    • If the thesis option has been chosen, the completed thesis is to be read and approved by a committee of three members of the graduate faculty (the thesis director plus two others). In addition to the submission requirements of the Office of Graduate Studies, one bound copy of the M.A. thesis is to be submitted to the department.
  • Language Requirement
    • One semester of a second Romance language, Latin, Greek, Ger man, Arabic, or another language pertinent to the student’s career path and approved by the DGS is required. Students must earn a grade of ‘B’ or higher in any course taken to fulfill the language requirement. If students prefer to take a regular language course (not a reading knowledge course), then they must take the accelerated version, if one is available (e.g. SPAN 111). Students may take a placement exam to satisfy the requirement.
  • M.A. Examination Students are expected to complete their M.A. written and oral examinations in the fourth semester of their studies. Please consult the M.A Reading List. (Please see Graduate Student Handbook for more details).