Maria Angeletti Arnone (2000-10-27)

Maria first earned a BA with a double major in Italian and French, then an MS in Magazine Journalism. She was a GTA in Italian from 1989-1994 and had three summers with the SLI in Florence, two as a student, one as a GTA. Also spent a year in Montpellier on a Rotary Scholarship, 1992-93. She and her husband met in NY, have been in KC (in publishing jobs), then Chicago, now (Nov. 2002) back in Lawrence, where Maria has taken time off from work to "spend lots of time with my 2-year old, Alexander." Her memories of the department include all-night grading parties as a GTA, Susan LoBello's quiet, calm and compelling teaching of intermediate Italian, great opportunities to meet new friends at both the Cercle français and the Circolo italiano. She also remembers "someone calling in on a final exam day saying she ran over her dog in the driveway and she couldn't take the exam. I remember Dr. Dinneen screaming 'LET THE DOG DIE!' (which I'm sure you didn't really mean). All the GTAs were in hysterics in the hall." [Some would disagree with her certainty that I didn't mean it....] I can only give you a sampling of the great memories she sent of both the Italian and French overseas programs. Italian: "friends accidentally buying playing cards and hemorrhoid cream instead of cigarettes and toothpaste; restaurateurs asking us once they realized we spoke Italian, how to say, 'This is not "all you can eat"' in English so that they could tell their other American clientele not to keep returning to the hors d'oeuvres cart." French: "Café Juju near Paul Valéry [university] where we got to know JuJu the owner. We were homesick at Thanksgiving and she made us a Thanksgiving feast, including a tarte with tiny slices of squash (we had tried to explain pumpkin pie to her)."

Cynthia A. Baker

No information available.

Brett Berquist

I have had frequent e-mail correspondence with Brett, who was in Linguistics, but taught French as a GTA (late 80s or early 90s?), and had a visit from him and his wife Anne and their first child, in Brittany, a number of years ago. He is now back in the States after a long career of teaching English and running programs in France while Anne pursued her career in music. I'll add to this if I succeed in regaining contact via the e-mail address passed on to me by a musician friend who saw Anne at a concert in Michigan.

Lindsey Bjorseth-Serrano (2000-03-29)

After her BA, Lindsey went on at KU in the School of Law, primarily in International Law. She was employed by a computer technology company managing their overseas affairs and using her French language skills often; currently is Director of Business Development for a publishing syndicate in KC, still sometimes using her French skills. She and fellow law student, Joe, have two children and live in Leawood. Lindsey made a special offer to help the department with anything she could do and she would like to participate in French activities with alums in the KC area: we need to develop an alumni group there! Lindsey's memories of the department include the famous parties at Mary and Ted Johnson's house, conversing with exchange students and, of course, her study abroad experiences: SLI 1987 with Freddy the bus driver; ISEP in 1988-89 in Grenoble, studying Art History ("the positive impact of this year-long study will last a lifetime"). Note: last e-mail address did not work on 01-09-01.

Melissa (Missy) Carnco (2000-04-xx)

Melissa majored in both Political Science and French and went on to become a paralegal, working in environmental law in Philadelphia. In D.C., she worked with inner city kids, "something I felt passionate about." Went on to pursue an MA in Social Work, worked in Denver, which was a "great experience both educationally and socially. I was able to improve my skiing as well." After 8 years, she moved back to KC and was therapist/case manager with foster children, then accepted a new position (early 2000) working with juvenile offenders as a therapist. She looks forward to becoming "involved in Lawrence, on a whole different level." We tried to contact her, but the e-mail came back, as did a USPS letter.

Denise Carpenter Mussman (2000-04-29)

Denise wrote us a long letter; I'm going to try to hit the highlights, but I apologize in advance for not catching everything she felt was important. Her information is helping me reconstruct one period in the 1980s, since she was both a major in French and a workstudy assistant to Professor Boon (library liaison), then to department secretaries Debbie and Carol. She also studied abroad on the SLI, 1985, and in Besançon in 1986-87, the first year of that exchange program. She earned an MA in Applied Linguistics at the University of Illinois-Chicago in 1992 and is coordinator for ESL at the University of Missouri-St Louis; she taught overseas one semester in Indonesia, and in 1999 she taught French at UM-St Louis. Denise is married and has a three-year old daughter, Phoebe. Her memories of the department include teachers Mary Johnson, Corinne Anderson, and Bob Anderson, "a wonderful lecturer." She thanks Bryant Freeman for developing her interest in Haitian Creole and then in ESL. She mentioned specifically Jessica Walter (whom I remember, and I'm trying to remember exactly how: write us Jessica), as well as SLI friend Len Tahsuda (she reports he passed away in 1992). I had to quote this: "The SLI program is very well known. The other day at work, my colleague and I had a meeting with the study abroad coordinator. We discovered that all of us had participated in the SLI program in Paris. This program shaped our careers today, so many years later. From the Besançon exchange she remembers Dana Dyer who lives in Topeka. Despite the fact that the first year of the exchange was very disorganized and that it was the year of many strikes in France, Denise has "many fond memories" of her time there. Must conserve space, but her hitchhiking narratives are great: come and read them,...."the French can be very generous when it comes to helping the less fortunate." Great letter, Denise.

Angela Clerc (2000-06-01)

Angie was a double major in French and Film Studies; she and fellow KU grad Chris Lawing, were expecting their first baby in October 2000, and she was working as a freelancer in public relations. She remembers walks and trips to the museum with Professor Johnson, "discussing everything from the veins on the leaf of a tree to how an ornate console table synthesized French culture and history during the Renaissance; having pastries and coffee with Hélène Germain-Simoes after class and trying to speak in French for an entire meal ("Her passion for life was contagious, and I looked to her serene and yet assertive teaching style as an important life lesson.") - reading Mme Bovary with Professor Booker, lively theatrical reenactments with Prof. Bob Anderson and transcribing pages of text with Prof Corinne Anderson. "I look back now and enjoy the entire experience as one continuous memory of tremendous personal and academic growth. And I thank you all for it."

Kathy Comfort (2000-04-18)

Kathy is now (as of 2001) an Assistant Professor at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, therefore a colleague of Hope CHRISTIANSEN (also one of our PhD's and former GTAs). After completing her doctorate (May 1997), Kathy took a position as instructor of French and coordinator of elementary French at the University of Missouri-Columbia. [She helped us at KU by directing the SLI in Paris in 1999 as a last-minute appointee.] Her memories "of the department are of the middle/late 80s, with Hope, Hilda [DOERRY], Tim [WILLIAMS], et al, when people would bring in baked goods to the lounge for no real reason except to share. And the birthday celebrations (bah humbug! [quoting your editor]) of course. The noise in the lounge (laughter!) made class difficult for those in the seminar room...The camaraderie was great back then."

Pamela Cooke Engelken (2000-04-20)

Pamela majored in Business Administration, but was a participant in the SLI in 1985, remembers it as "one of my best life experiences." She contacted French friends she made that year before a trip to Paris 13 years later and actually had a response from one by e-mail. Pamela has been married for 12 years and has two children. Currently a home mom who does some bookkeeping for three small companies, she worked for 10 years after college for a US Customs Broker in KC, sometimes using her French. Loves to travel.

Shannon Dowling Knecht (2000-03-30)

Shannon completed her BA in French in 1990, left Lawrence and married David Knecht in Washington DC, then returned to KU in 1992 and did a teaching certificate in Education (including one semester as a GTA in French). She taught French in MO, then French and German in Lawrence before her first daughter was born. Now has two daughters and is a full-time mom. She has been to Paris with her mother and was pleased to be able to use her French; also visited Guadeloupe on a cruise in 1995. She did go overseas while at KU, but with the German programs [we had a lot of German-French double majors in the old days]. Remembers both of the Johnsons well, as also Hélène Germain-Simoes and Prof. Caron.

Elaine Frisbie (2000-04-03)

Elaine did her BA in French and in Art History, then took a Master's in Public Administration. Back when she wrote her answer, she was working in the governor's budget office, but was considering switching (after completing an on-line program from the Parsons School of Design) to web and information design.

Juliet (Judy) Graber Hendrix (2000-04-26)

Judy majored in French here, and studied at Rennes in 1982-83. She wrote in haste back in April 2000, as she was busy both with a job in marketing with Bank of America and taking care of twin girls. She and her husband were able to visit Normandy and Brittany for the 50th anniversary of D-Day and she found Rennes "different, but then I realized most of my memory was from the inside of a city bus, not the driver's seat of a car." Knowing French well made the trip especially enjoyable.

James D. Harder and Hollie Markland Harder

No information available.

Michelle Hetherington Cormack (2000-04-17)

Michelle wrote us a long section on her time in Besançon, very helpful for the history project. I must note this comment: "We took a trip to Beaune to visit the winery. This was especially wonderful for me because my ancestors are from Beaune (my mother's maiden name is DeBaun)." She is married and has two daughters, and-in April 2000-was working as a recruiter for computer professionals, in Overland Park. She gave us the e-mail of Monique Swyer: [I hope others will help us contact other alums after they've read the newsletter although, unfortunately, we have not had an answer from Monique.]

Bill Helling (2000-05-05)

Bill did not send on any news, but we know from Dick Strawn that he is doing great work in the library in Crawfordsville, IN.

Kristin Helmick Brunet

I've been in recent (end of 2002, beginning of 2003) contact with Kris and her husband Dominique BRUNET, who was a GTA in French while working on an MBA. We maintained contact for a long period after they left KU. They lived in France for a while, (invited this lonely traveler for a great dinner at their apartment in Paris back then) then were back in the States, in Texas at one time. Kris earned a second MA, in Art History, and worked for MoMA in New York after Dominique took a job with Saks Fifth Avenue. They have one child, Alexander (or why Kris is no longer working for MoMA), and live in Bloomfield, NJ.

Bradley Horner (2000-04-06)

Brad has used both his training in theater and in French at KU since leaving here for New York. He first worked for an international French ad agency and, in 2000, was running his own seminar and presentations company working with a variety of Fortune 500 companies. He has performed in various films and theatrical productions in the real Manhattan (the "city" as I would call it). He remembers fondly the staff of our department from his years of working under the Student Work Program. His memories of study abroad in Bordeaux (also had a year in Italy): "Lots of wine and food. Friends. Good friends. Riding my bike in the rain, past the vineyards to the campus. The slow drip of the "Alfred Hitchcock" shower in the apartment where I lived...and the 'Rosemary's Baby' proprietor who wouldn't let me use the kitchen."

Anne Jones (2000-04-12)

After completing her undergraduate degree in French and Psychology, Anne was awarded the direct exchange fellowship to Clermont-Ferrand. She stayed on another year, then worked on an MA in International Affairs in Washington, DC, and at the same time renewed a friendship with Sabine Meyer, who had the direct exchange in Strasbourg and now lives in NYC. When she wrote, Anne was working as an instructional designer for a consulting firm that was supporting the Dept of Defense's Humanitarian Demining program. The job took her on a long assessment trip to Jordan, Germany, Rwanda, New Zealand, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Cambodia. Her "memories" section provided names that will be helpful as we try to reconstruct the exchange program. Thank you, Anne.

Lisa Karr Nickel (2000-03-04)

After graduation (French and Communication Studies) in 1989, Lisa was a flight attendant for US Air, then a sales manager for Alliant Foods until 1998. Used her French with the airline, but now ("stay-at-home mom" with 3 sons) she tries to use it some with her children. Lisa apologized for not having specific events to reminisce about, but does remember excellent professors and a very satisfying major.

Madeleine Kernen (2003-01-13)

[Here's another very late entry, completely inexcusable on my part. Since Madeleine and I collaborated on Chapeau! and have maintained contact ever since she left KU (frequent drop-in visits when she was in Lawrence, usually regarding her horses!) one might think I would have elicited a response earlier.] Before completing her dissertation (completed in 1990) Madeleine left KU for a position at Southwest Missouri State University and has been there ever since, currently chair of the Dept of Modern and Classical Languages. She has taught French, but also Italian and German (old friends will remember she is Swiss) and has done a lot of administrative work and travel with students/professionals. She has very good memories of the dept and of the SLI (1985 [or was it 1986?] with Profs Anderson and Dinneen). I'll quote this, but not the other "big-head-creating" statements about me as GTA director: "The first one [memory of KU] deals with my very first graduate classes I took when I came to KU: I was treated to three star professors who each in their own way, gave extraordinary performances, Professors Booker, Anderson, and Johnson."

Heather Kolb Carroll (2000-03-30)

Heather married another KU alum soon after graduation; then.... "After 3 years of marriage, we sold the house, quit our jobs in sales and travelled around the world for 11 ½ months. Started in Europe and ended in Japan...We stopped in Florence so that I could share the city and my school with my husband. Returned to the States, settled back in KC, and started a family. Second child was due the August after Heather wrote us. She remembers that there were many native speakers on the Italian staff and that they were always open to informal meetings. As for Jan Kozma, she "is certainly a teacher I could never intimidating that I would always make sure I did my homework."

Adam A. Kovach (2000-04-09)

After leaving KU, Adam went on to Indiana University, earning a PhD in Philosophy and Cognitive Science in 1998. He had held three visiting lectureships when he wrote, and-like so many in his field-was preoccupied in the search for a tenure-track position. His memories of French studies at KU: "1. The extraordianry fun I had reading Rabelais with Prof Caron (I've since checked-it is still funny!); 2. Ted Johnson's 19th Century course, especially the poets; 3. My trip to the special collections where I read letters by the Marquis de Sade written while he was in the Bastille. To think they wound up in Kansas!"

Jowell C. Laguerre (2000-04-19)

Some of us remember when Jowell first came to KU from Haiti to work with Bryant Freeman, and also became a GTA and graduate student in French Lit. He went on for an MS in School Administration and a PhD in Higher Education in the School of Education here. He taught five years at Schlagle HS in KC, KS, while becoming involved in a number of community projects. In 1993 he joined Duluth Community College as director of Academic and Student Services, and his administrative career went on until, when last heard from, he was Vice President for Academic and Student Services at Montgomery College near Washington DC. Former GTAs who were from France will appreciate this memory: "I remember the first time I graded my French 110 students as we did in Haiti. They came to me and wanted to know whether they had gotten As or Bs. I ran down to the office and asked Bill Helling what those letters were. Bill gave me a crash course in grading with letters." He added: "Bill, Fred Toner, Erica Hill, and countless others made me feel very welcome in the department."

Terry Leines Burris (2000-04-03)

Terry majored in both French and Spanish and went on to do one semester of graduate work in Spanish before going to the "Thunderbird" School of International Management, earning her degree in Dec 1984. She has been in the telecommunications industry since 1987; her company was bought out by a division of Bell Canada, so her French came in handy. Her study abroad experience was in Spanish, in the Guadalajara, Mexico, program.

Gretchen Lody Cole (2000-04-05)

Gretchen finished her BA with us in 1984, then started a graduate program here in Linguistics, but marriage and a move to KC stopped that. Off to Pennsylvania in the mid 90s and she says they love SE Pennsylvania. She homeschools her three children. On a mission trip to Spain in 98, she found that both her French and Spanish came back well. [She was anxious to hear what her classmates were up to: I apologize for such a long wait! ...and hope some of those classmates are among those who responded.]

Pamela Luttrell Barentine (2000-04-06)

After leaving KU, Pam moved to SF and worked as a Bilingual Secretary and Business Development Officer in the Corporate Banking dept of the Banque Nationale de Paris. "A great job for those French majors willing to head west. Lots of French companies need bilingual speakers in San Francisco." She left that job to marry a Naval Submarine Officer and then the travels began! Along the line (6 different locations) she substitute taught and had two children. Earned a teaching certificate at the Univ of Hawaii and did student teaching in Honolulu before they moved to Andover, MA. She taught there for 3 years before they moved in 1996 to Williamsburg, VA., where she has been teaching in a middle school and working on an MA in Linguistics at Old Dominion. When she wrote, her husband was due to retire soon and she had been accepted in a doctoral program in Linguistics at the University of Pittsburgh. In 1999 she studied new French teaching technology at Angers. She is very enthusiastic about further studies in Applied Linguistics and hopes she may find other alums in the Pittsburgh area. Pam has warm memories of her time at KU and in our department, and-of course-of her year in Besançon. [Thank you, Pam, for a letter that will be helpful for the history of French studies. And don't forget those photos from Besançon that you promised!]

R. Brook Menees (2000-04-05)

Soon after leaving KU, Brook started working in the financial services business and married a graduate of the PhD program here in Communications Studies. He is sorry that his work does not give him much opportunity to use his French (which he brought to official proficiency in his semester in Meudon, a suburb of Paris) but he looks forward to getting back to France soon.

Angela (Angi) Miller (2003-01-07)

[I've been in fairly regular contact with Angi since she left KU, but-as you see from the date-I just remembered to ask her for her info as I was completing the update of the database and editing this document]. Angi started her French with me in FREN 110 in 1987, completed a BA in French & Economics, went on for an MA in French and then did the School of Ed GCP program in French and Math. Since finishing that program in 97, she has been teaching and studying. First had a position at a middle school in Plano, TX, but got "tired of only doing qu'est-ce que c'est French, so moved back to KC and took a high school position teaching French." After 4 years of full-time teaching, she went back to school and earned an MA in Educ Research and Psych, and is currently working on a PhD at UMKC in an interdisciplinary program in Ed Research and Statistics. All this while still teaching ½ time (College Credit French, French for International Baccalaureate Honors Program and Statistics). Memories of graduate studies in French: seminar with the "talking ass" (she still hasn't found the reference in the Bible), parties at Shelley Steele's 'chez', the big poisson d'avril she and Jonathan Shows hosted after the '94 MA exam. Best memories include B+ grades with 3 purple + signs and 2 green + signs and a kind note asking the writer to rewrite, please (for the 3rd or 4th time). That was the 620 class with Hélène Germain-Simoes [so fondly remembered by all students from that era]. Like a lot of GTAs, she remembers "those grading nights after giving the 110-240 finals and the GTA meetings with DAD. SLI-90 memories include the phrase "Oh no, another château!!" The direct exchange, Strasbourg, 1994-95, "the best French experience ever, loved the city, took some great linguistics classes, went on great road trips with Tami Scheibach (she was in Besançon), made some great friends...oh, and I took my MA exams in a hospital surgical ward."

Ann Bridget Murphy (2000-04-06)

Ann tells us she was not the best student and says about Ted and Mary Johnson, "they patiently encouraged me to apply myself. I never did...but I have always been so thankful to them." When she wrote, she had returned to using French again, having completed a Fine Arts degree and started working as a sculptor in NY. She is "immensely interested in stones, especially the ancient stone circles and standing stones in the British Isles and Bretagne." She did the semester program in Rennes, 1985, and now obviously would like to be there again.

Mary Susan Page Vaught (2000-12-20)

Mary earned her BA in 1985 in French, then an MA in Political Science in 1993 (taught for us as an "add-on" GTA). Her last KU year was spent at the Université d'Angers through the ISEP program. Her response was sent just after she and husband Doug had spent three weeks in Europe and her description of their visit is great. They caught up with a friend of hers whom she had met in Angers (study abroad has many advantages), spent some time with him and his family and stayed at their apartment in Paris while they went off on their own vacation. Also visited Normandy, had an unexpected overnight stay that turned out to be wonderful. Finally spent some time in Belgium (saw another old friend, an exchange student who was at KU in political science) and Luxembourg. Her good memories of KU included her debt to Barbara Craig for developing her appreciation of literature and her recognition of the strong influence on her by Cliff Ketzel in Political Science [and thanks, Mary, for kind words about me].

Vilma Peralta de Escudero

"Bebita" sent me an e-mail on 16 Jan 2001, saying she recalled having received the questionnaire, but had lost it. I wrote back, but have not received the completed questionnaire. However, we have this information from the e-mail: She is now married and is a teacher at the University of Panama. She and her husband took their two daughter to Disney World in Orlando in 1998, and were sorry they could not extend the trip to include Kansas. - [In Dec 2002, I received another e-mail in which she said she expected to come to Lawrence during the holiday break, but have not heard from her since.]

Rosemary Podrebarac

No information available.

Amy Prevot-Kamm (2000-04-03)

Amy spent her junior year in Besançon (ISEP program) and returned with her boyfriend, now husband, Laurent Prevot. After graduation they returned to France and have been there ever since. Two bilingual daughters. Amy has had a number of different jobs, but since the birth of the second daughter, has not been working outside the home. Still busy with a "great English-speaking moms' support group." She remembers Elisabeth Caron as the "real reason I kept on in French." Amy points out that her year in Besançon was academically disappointing, that further study at the Sorbonne confirmed her impression that "the French do not do liberal arts." However, "Studying abroad is most certainly the best way to learn a language and is a growing experience."

Carla Puky (2000-05-24)

After completing her BA, Carla returned to Venezuela and worked for her father until she decided to go to Germany for further studies. She learned the language, then pursued her translating and interpreting studies. Back in Venezuela again, she worked at first for a multinational, then started free-lancing in translating with her mother. [She had some helpful suggestions regarding the history of French studies.]

Catherine Regnier

No information available.

Leesa Rondinelli Palmer (2000-04-03)

Leesa taught French in Paxton, IL while her husband finished his doctorate at the U of Illinois, then moved with him to Macomb and began teaching English. She has traveled to Quebec, Moscow (husband in Russian History) and she spent a month touring France. They have a daughter (3 ½ back in 2000 when she wrote). No detailed memories of the department, but enjoyed all her French classes. The "best part of [her] university experience" was her semester at the Université de Savoie. She will encourage her daughter to study abroad also.

Barry S. Rubin (2000-04-03)

Barry sent a very good note, even though he had to mention being intimidated at an oral exam and a DEMO class by me. His memories of Le Cercle Français and Ted Johnson (his favorite teacher, along with Marilyn Stokstad from Art History) include un vrai dîner français. About his year in Besançon: "Certainly, the best year 'at' KU, with too many stories to relate." Harlan Locke and Megan Hurt were the chaperones and, it turned out, were right when they told him that his French would "click" into full gear at some point. It did, and he still dreams in French. No details on what he is doing now, but in 2000 he was in Miami.

Scott Schulte (2000-04-13)

Scott graduated in 1992 with a BA in French and Poli Sci, then remained in Lawrence working for the city in recycling, became operations manager for the Household Hazardous Waste Facility during its first year, 1994. Next began a career in environmental consulting, back to KU in 97 to begin a Master's program in Urban Planning. Was due to complete that in 2001, and had not yet found an avenue for his French studies. Married Leslie Grant (who used to help him with his written French-a knack for grammar) in 1994, first child born in 1999.

Phyllis Marie Shannon

No information available.

Karina Shreffer (2000-04-04)

Karina earned her BA in 1991 in French and Psychology, then returned to KU in 1997 to study Law. She was completing her studies when she wrote us and just sent a quick note saying that Prof Caron was formidable and she hated to see her leave KU.

Monique Swyer

No information available.

Mary Kay (Kathryn) Tajchman Toure (2000-09-10)

Kathryn (name she used in her e-mail signature line) is one of a number of respondents to whom I sent e-mails for one reason or another and whose e-mail address did not work. I hope we are successful in getting a copy of this to her. She completed her KU degree in 1986 after two ISEP year-abroad programs, one in Grenoble, one in Abidjan. Since graduation she has been living in Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire) with her husband, Penangnini and their two children, Aya and Gninnanhoyan Patrick, and working for Africa Online, Africa's internet company. She commented when she wrote on the unrest in the Ivory Coast and is clearly more aware of what is going on in West Africa than most of us. "Needless to say I use French on a daily basis, now even think and dream in it. Whether it's a letter to the Ministres des Infrastructures Economiques to report a problem with our Ivoirian bandwidth supplier, France Telecom, or an appearance on a panel on national television to discuss the rôle of telecommunicatons in the development of the country, French is a must." She mentions the differences in the education systems (children are school age), and noted especially that she liked and appreciated "how the kids learns so much poetry-by heart, and at young ages."

Agnes Toth (2000-10-05)

Agnes was one of a number of graduate students (and undergraduate majors) who went on to the "Thunderbird" school back in the 70s and 80s (and perhaps afterwards) for a Masters in International Management. As many of them, Agnes used her language and business training to go on to a very interesting position. When she wrote she was in Budapest and had been in Hungary for 7 years working in the industrial park development business. She still travels to France and finds she can still get along very well. That is undoubtedly due in part to her great experience in Bordeaux, 1984-85.

Catherine Wallberg (2000-05-01)

Catherine earned a law degree after her French studies and practiced law in Topeka for about 10 years, then switched to an "in-house" counsel position with an insurance company, specializing in health law. She races bikes and has used her French to converse with francophone racers, as well as using it once in a case for Menninger. Her best memory of French studies: "participating in ISEP. Changed my life. Spent a year in Besançon. Dept encouraged me to apply and gave me the opportunity for which I will always be grateful." She wants to travel to France again soon and is planning on taking a French course Fall 2002.

Timothy Williams

No questionnaire reply on file, but I've had e-mail contact with Tim. He is teaching at a Franciscan college in Ohio, was back in Lawrence a few years ago for his dissertation defense.

Christina (Tina) G. Wolff de Casquino (2000-04-15)

Tina earned both a BA and MA in French here and did three overseas programs: 1981 SLI, 1983 Rennes semester, 1985-86 Strasbourg Fulbright/Direct Exchange. [Tina mentions an e-mail response with current info, but I could not find it, and have not been able to remake contact, although I hear intermittently from her mother, also an alumna.] Her memory of Bastille Day in 1981 is not pleasant: she was the youngest in the group and found herself separated from those that had gone to watch the fireworks, had to walk back to the dorm alone. "Everyone was waiting for me, including Prof Johnson in his silk bathrobe."


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